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name, type, default, description. auxiliaryCommentBefore, string, Optional string to add as a block comment at the start of the output file. auxiliaryCommentAfter, string, Optional string to add as a block comment at the end of the output file. shouldPrintComment, function, opts.comments, Function that takes a comment (as a
Usage. import {parse} from 'babylon';. import generate from 'babel-generator';. const code = 'class Example {}';. const ast = parse(code);. const output = generate(ast, { /* options */ }, code);
Generate an essay: Generate! Creative Commons License BABEL Generator by Louis Sobel, Milo Beckman, Damien Jiang, and Les Perelman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License . Powered by the Dada Engine by Andrew C. Bulhak.
Async functions. These are only usable if you enable their syntax plugin. See syntax-async-functions for information. transform async and generator functions. regeneratorRuntime is not included.
The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
Syntax only. This plugin only allows Babel to parse this syntax. If you want to transform it then see async-generator-functions and transform-regenerator if generator support is not supported natively.
The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
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async function* genAnswers() { var stream = [ Promise.resolve(4), Promise.resolve(9), Promise.resolve(12) ]; var total = 0; for await (let val of stream) { total += await val; yield total; } } function forEach(ai, fn) { return (r) { if (!r.done) { fn(r); return forEach(ai, fn); } }); } var output = 0; forEach(genAnswers(),
The runtime transformer plugin does three things: Automatically requires babel-runtime/regenerator when you use generators/async functions. Automatically requires babel-runtime/core-js and maps ES6 static methods and built-ins. Removes the inline Babel helpers and uses the module babel-runtime/helpers instead.

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